• About Us •

Physis Ambrosia reflects our vision to promote a natural and healthy diet. It was created in order to bring nature’s ambrosia into our daily diet, through the aromatic plants and herbs of the Greek earth.

Our products are totally natural and pure, taken straight from nature, without any mechanical processing, additives or chemicals. They are high-quality organic products with divine flavor, similar to the ambrosia of the ancient gods.


We are Photis and Katerina, two young people who share a mutual love and respect for Greek earth. Our strong belief in Mother Nature’s abilities and in the authenticity of the products she offers lead us to harness these natural treasures and offer authentic, natural products for a healthy and balanced diet and promote an overall healthier lifestyle.

Our values

  • We select high-standard Greek products
  • We maintain stable collaborations with certified producers
  • Our packaging is done following traditional standards
  • We choose organic products out of respect to the environment and nature
  • We offer authentic herbs for delicious teas

Our company aspires to deliver an integrated plan for standardization packaging of high-quality organic products, mainly dried herbal substances, but also various traditional Greek products, in order to promote them in Greece and abroad.